14 June 2016


Military Support
 Newcastle's Homeless 

Are you able to give any of the following items OLD or NEW ?These will be donated to 'HOPE' a charity supporting Newcastle's homeless people...

Suitable Items:

Clothes                                            Washing /shaving items
Shoes                                                Toothbrushes (New)
Jackets                                             Talcum Powder
Gloves                                              Towels
Socks                                                Sweets/Mints (unopened)
Sleeping bags                                   Pens and pencils
Day sacks/bags                                Paper
Hats/caps                                         Books

If you are able to donate any of these items, please bring them to:

The Welfare Centre - Albemarle Barracks

By 13th july 2016. Thank for your generosity.

                                                          A little Goes Along Way....