7 February 2017


An opportunity for individuals in Transition looking for CWA and potential growth opportunity in a fast growing organisation.

 Objective of the Project
 Create a process to enable the organisation to automate the data take on and tagging of companies.
 This includes the following two high level activities:
 •     Automate the process for identifying the IT companies
 •      Review the current AI tool we are working with Activities We expect 
 that the following activities to be undertaken. However, there may be 
 further / alternative actions depending on the outcomes and findings 

 1.     Review of the work carried out so far
 a.     Review the attached document to understand the work carried out with the Nominet 
 b.     Review Company Data in Company Connecting to understand 
 the taxonomy and the information held about companies 
 c.     Review the AI tool and the automation of the tagging process 2.     Automate 
 the process for identifying the IT companies using the Nominet WHOIS 
 data  (http://assuranceoflearning.us14.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6bce88f
 3.     Review the AI tool we are working with and help to ‘train’ it 
 4.     Create the process and plan for taking on data for all IT 
 companies in the UK Skills This is a great opportunity for anyone 
 interested in working with:
 •     Data and Artificial Intelligence tools.
 •     An innovative company with a disruptive approach to searching 
 for companies 
The person should have:
 •     A ‘flair’ for working with data
 •     A structured approach to the management of data
 •     Previous experience of working on large data take on or integration projects.
 •     Experience in developing procedures for data management 
 •      SQL skills and ability to use MYSQL, ACCESS or similar (it is highly 
 likely that data manipulation and cleansing will be a key activity) 
 •      Experience in testing and analysis 
 •     Good communications skills:  written and verbal 
 •     Mature and methodical approach

 If interested please email david@assuranceoflearning.com